Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wow @ Sitecore 6 Item Creation Speed

I remember this was being brought up right around the time of release of Sitecore 6, that item creation speed had been increased since Sitecore 5. To be honest, I haven't really noticed. Until today that is. For a client, I am currently in the process of converting/migrating an entire website based on the Polopoly CMS system to Sitecore 6. Essentially a process of getting all the source content, parsing and understanding it, mapping it to relevant Sitecore templates (around 20) in all and writing this entire new structure into Sitecore. Take a look at the numbers I am getting. Migration process starting.... Deleting existing content....done! Building Table of Contents tree....done! Building Departments tree....done! Performing in-memory mapping...done! Duration: -00:03:58.2400000 7271 items created in total - 471 products - 59 images - 1678 documents - 3728 other articles - 1335 departments 7.271 items created (using BulkUpdateContext()) in just under 4 minutes. One word. Fast! :-)


Anonymous Gabriel Boys said...

Yup, nice and snappy now. We reported the bug right when 6 came out that the creation of items was taking about 8 times as long before. The fix (they quickly) put into place really did the trick though!

17 February, 2009 20:51  

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