Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Code Monkeys?

Before I begin, I’m breaking routine here – this post is in no way Sitecore related.


So here I was, reading through my blogroll, catching up on bits and bobs from around the world. And then one of the sites decides to confront me with the following ad:




I am, by own admission, quite possibly a bit over sensitive to the idea that developers are interchangeable code monkeys. I’ve worked in the internet industry pretty much since the inception in the mid 90s, and I will never subscribe to the notion that one developer (me) can easily be replaced by a developer working offshore for as low as $ USD 7.00 a day.


But then again, maybe that’s just me ;-)


Am I missing a point here?


Blogger Linda Margaret said...

No, you're on point. I've worked for a company where developers were prized, treated as valuable members of the company, and the work given was incredible as was the developer feedback on what they needed, why, and what was and was not feasible. The work, once again, was consistently improving--the same is true for where I work now. However, I have also worked at a company where the developers were stretched in resources and time, largely ignored, and constantly threatened with outsourcing. The results were not good--the company is not doing as well as it could be, I think.

05 July, 2009 17:26  

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