Tuesday, March 24, 2009

090317 is out

Also known as 6.0.1 Update-1. Looking through the change log, this one doesn't appear to be critically important. Unless of course, you are experiencing one of the issues that were fixed. On a more humourous note; a new feature arrived in this release. It reads: "A new MaxItemNameLength web.config setting was introduced, making it possible to change the maximum length of item names. The default value is 100 characters.". If I have ever publicly stated that Sitecore never listens, I hereby withdraw my statement. I blogged about this oddity only 3 years ago... ;-) And in case anybody is in doubt, I am entirely kidding :-) What I failed to realise when I blogged about this issue one spring morning back in 2006 is, that item names with more than 100 characters probably don't make much sense from a usability perspective. Why Sitecore decided to implement this as configurable NOW, I don't really know. Edit: On reading through the original post, I came across a comment from Krystle dated 13 August 2008, which mentions the MaxItemNameLength setting in web.config. Now if Krystle knew this in August, did everyone else just happen to forget about it until today where Sitecore publishes this as a "new feature" as of 24 March 2009. Lol. I am probably overworked ;-)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Surface PCs and you

This post falls slightly (well... quite a bit, to be honest :P) off topic. But outsite the Sitecore realm of computing my eyes are very clearly focused on what I personally believe to be a big thing in the years to come; Surface Computing. Or - at least - that's what the Microsoft term for it is. Now I know we're all gobsmacked about the Sitecore 6 Page Editor facilities. But try and take a look at this, and tell me (honestly) you couldn't see technology like this implemented in a system like Sitecore. Jeff Han: Unveiling the genius of multi-touch interface design While I'm not even at a point (yet) where I can get my hands on the Microsoft Surface SDK, I know myself well enough to realise - once this technology becomes more widely available, I won't be able to keep my nose out of it. Don't take that literally ;-) Could you imagine working with the structure of your site in this manner? Organising your Sitecore Media Library? Drag-and-dropping renderings onto your layouts? I'm rambling, I'm sure. But ideas like this is what drives great development. Anyone else? :-)

Friday, March 06, 2009

Integrated Pipeline Update

Bit busy, so just a very quick update. The Integrated Session Fix I wrote about a couple of weeks back has now passed Sitecore QA and is now made available on SDN. From personal experience I can concur, I've been running it myself on the websites I am working on and not had any problems (other than those already known and mentioned on SDN, specifically that IIS would recycle my pool often if not moving the Index folder out of the Web Root). I fully realise that me running it on a handful of non-live sites doesn't qualify as QA however, so I'm glad to now see this somewhat officially endorsed :-) The original post has also been updated.